It is critical that CSPs effectively operationalize 5G strategy and business models to unleash the full revenue potential in consumer and enterprise segments.

The Private LTE’s addressable market will reach $6B USD by 2025 and is expected to grow at a 5-year CAGR of 36%

To address industry modernization and digitalization needs in the utilities sector, the use of 3GPP connectivity and LTE/5G-based cellular private networks on licensed and unlicensed spectrums is growing. US-based utilities believe they need secure, scalable and prioritized control of their infrastructure and can justify the ROI from private networks, encouraging them to seek out custom-built solutions, including spectrum and investment considerations.

How is it possible in 2020 that so many people in North America still lack access to a high-speed internet connection? Despite advancements in communications technology, the cost to connect the hardest-to-reach people on the continent has largely not justified the investment.

Edge computing moves data processing from centralized cloud-based data centers to distributed locations (e.g. radio towers or Baseband Unit hotels) closer to where the data are needed. Placing computing power closer to the area of need reduces latency.

Mobile operators are preparing their networks for 5G and its eagerly anticipated promise of advanced real-time services. Edge computing is gaining universal consensus as a critical enabler for this promise by distributing service assurance nearer to the user, at the Edge, for greater responsiveness and agility.