Karl Edwards Moderates Forum Discussion on Mobile Video and OTT Streaming Services

Event Details

Wireless Technology Forum

May 19, 2016

Atlanta, GA

Karl Edwards

inCode Manager Karl Edwards led a discussion of mobile video & streaming services at the Wireless Technology Forum on May 19, 2016. The event, which was hosted by GSMA and included speakers from Comcast, Raycom Digital, and CNN Digital, explored the evolving world of mobile content as exemplified by current events. According to the Wireless Technology Forum:

Mobile Content agreements and distribution are breaking new ground every week: The NCAA Final Four was streamed in Virtual Reality; the NFL (Thursday night games) will be on Twitter; and Yahoo is streaming Major League Baseball. A panel of mobile video services experts will address the evolving ecosystem in mobile video, changing business models, such as bundling vs a la carte, ripple effect of recent partnerships, and who is likely to garner the most profits.

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