inCode Speaks at FBR Investors Conference, New York

Bob Napor Speaks at FBR’s “Living in the Gigabit World” Conference

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FBR & Co.

June 11, 2015

New York, NY

Bob Napor

Bob Napor, Vice President at inCode, spoke on a panel for FBR & Co.’s “Living in a Gigabit World” conference.  Held on June 11, 2015 at the Paley Center in New York City, the conference brought together thought leaders across the telecom industry value chain to discuss the implications of the consumer high speed internet jump to gigabit-class services.

According to the FBR press release:

This unique conference brings together thought leaders from service providers, equipment vendors, network infrastructure contractors, policy makers, and other enablers to delve deep into the Gigabit World through panel discussions, interactive Q&A and one-on-one meetings with company executives. Featured presenters will include executives from Airvana, Applied Micro Circuits Corporation, Dycom Industries, Ericsson, EZchip Semiconductor Ltd., Energous Corporation, Federated Wireless, Ikanos Communications, Lions Gate Entertainment, Nokia-Siemens Networks, PMC-Sierra, Inc., Samsung Electronics, Tarana Wireless, Inc and Verizon.

“Consumer demand for HD video, over-the-top media and new applications like Internet of Things are driving demand for faster data speeds into the home. As a result, carriers are deploying gigabit speed networks as they either seek to profit from new services or compete against new offerings like Google Fiber,” said David Hilal, senior managing director and director of research for FBR. “At our conference we will examine the drivers of data consumption, the carrier capex dilemma and the various technologies that seek to provide faster and cheaper network equipment and content.”

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inCode Discusses Smart Cities Panel at TIA Network of the Future Conference

Sangit Rawlley Moderates a Panel on Smart Cities

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June 3, 2015

Dallas, TX

Sangit Rawlley

inCode Managing Director Sangit Rawlley spoke as part of the Smart Cities panel at the Telecommunications Industry Association’s (TIA) Network of the Future conference on Wednesday, June 3, 2015.  Other participants included Gary Bolton, VP of Global Marketing at ADTRAN, and Brandie Nonnecke, R&D Manager of the Data & Democracy Initiative for CITRIS.

Smart Cities are one of many promising use cases for new Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M technology. Cities of the future will rely on myriad devices to efficiently operate and integrate schools, libraries, transportation systems, hospitals, and power. As thought leaders in the IoT and M2M space, inCode consultants have assisted numerous clients with long-term strategy in this arena.

According to the TIA press release:

When governments look at how to adopt Smart City solutions, the path to adoption is not clear-cut. Every city has its own unique needs based upon the regional geography, population demographics and the composition of the local economy. The communications industry is in a unique position to assist governments to overcome the challenges of urbanization and address the current and future well-being of metropolitan populations.

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inCode Moderates Connected Car Ecosystem Panel

Chuck Napier Leads Discussion About the Evolving Connected Car Ecosystem

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Wireless Technology Forum

May 21, 2015

Atlanta, GA

Chuck Napier


Connected cars market is rapidly evolving creating numerous applications including infotainment, usage based insurance, big data, advertising, and driver assist features. The panel will share insights on the advancements with connected car platforms business opportunities for third party developers of applications and services.

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Making Big Data Work for Telcos: a Roundtable Led by inCode

Christian Masegian Leads Roundtable Discussion on Big Data in Telecom

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Telecom Council of Silicon Valley

April 21, 2015

Palo Alto, CA

Christian Masegian

inCode Principal Christian Masegian led a roundtable on data analytics on Tuesday, April 21, 2015, at DOCOMO Innovations in Palo Alto, CA. Big Data has been a major transformative force in the telecom industry, revolutionizing the way carriers do business and operate their networks. For more information, check out this press release from the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley, which facilitated Tuesday’s event:

As more and more data is collected, we are increasingly aware of the costs of holding the data. There are equipment and storage costs, disaster and risk mitigation costs, risks of having the data hacked, and risks of getting on the wrong side of privacy which compound the prior risk significantly. Given all of the costs, it is imperative that we do not hold data in vain. Business and logic requires that we derive some kind of positive values from the data as well. This is the role of analytics.

In our TC meeting on Analytics, we’ll focus on how this field can use the data to derive useful, actionable information from the data. In the telecom context, we’ll look for ways to address network planning, churn modeling, customer service enhancements, demand-based pricing insights, security breaches, and more. We will hear from solution providers, and best practices that are already working in the field.

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