inCode Consulting is a respected business strategy and technology consulting firm with unique expertise within the telecommunications and technology space. We help business leaders address their industry trends and solve complex problems that could determine the success or failure of their organization. From Private Equity firms, to multi-billion dollar companies, these decision makers have trusted inCode’s unique approach to tackling unprecedented challenges that are shaking today’s business setting.



inCode helps companies navigate change within the communication and technology ecosystems and define strategies to capitalize on emerging trends.



inCode advises clients on network evolution strategies, capacity management solutions, and managing large-scale network transformations.



inCode partners with clients to manage and implement strategies, ensuring that conceptual plans are converted to executable initiatives.



inCode helps clients optimize processes, technology, capital, and resources to efficiently scale operations, and achieve financial and operational objectives.


The telecom ecosystem is evolving rapidly. As voice, video, and data services converge, traditional players face new competition from a plethora of OTT entrants. Consolidation, regulatory rulings and the emergence of non-traditional players all point to a shifting landscape. From networks to infrastructure, applications to devices, and channels to segments, industry structure and economics are in constant flux, creating new growth opportunities as well as risks.

inCode has extensive experience helping companies navigate change within the communications ecosystem and define strategies to capitalize on emerging trends. Leveraging our deep industry expertise, we take a hypothesis-driven approach to evaluating our clients’ core competencies, ecosystem structure, economics, core and adjacent market segments, and competitive landscape in order to recommend innovative growth strategies.

Develop growth strategies using a hypothesis driven approach to develop a client-specific set of profitable growth strategies focused on extracting value from core, adjacent and new segments.

Key Services

  • Examine existing and potential new core capabilities to maximize competitive advantage
  • Assesses capabilities alignment with existing, new and adjacent target segments.
  • Profile the structure and economics of the value chain, ecosystem, and competition to identify where profits are being made, and competitive advantage can be realized
  • Develop strategies to effectively communicate strategy across all levels of the organization, including Board of Directors, executives, employees, customers, and investors

Develop full product introduction and go-to-market strategies, including identifying of key features/customer needs, sales channels, pricing and promotions.

Key Services

  • Primary and secondary customer research and analysis
  • Competitive and peer analysis and benchmarking
  • Identify, evaluate, model and develop recommended GTM channels (direct, indirect, wholesale, etc.)
  • Development of pricing, promotional and marketing strategies

Assist development and execution of inorganic growth strategies, from gap analysis and target identification, through due diligence and post-merger integration

Key Services

  • Gap analysis to identify required capabilities and target evaluation criteria
  • Market scan to identify and short-list targets
  • Target evaluation and valuation
  • Due diligence (technology, operations, people, financial)
  • Post-merger integration (people, process, tools, product)

Development of detailed financial and operational models to enable data driven decisions and scenario planning across multiple levels of the organization

Key Services

  • Long-term revenue, cost, investment, and market models
  • Sensitivity analysis of model drivers and outputs to inform strategic direction, profitability, organizational structure, and technology decisions
  • Product/Service/Customer lifecycle models
  • Technology / architecture models


Wireless and wireline operators are under pressure to evolve their networks to support exponential growth in data volumes and connections, offer value-added services (e.g. video, cloud, IoT), and respond to industry innovations and disruptive business models, all while improving profitability. Operators must explore new avenues to manage growth and provide compelling services in a cost-effective manner.

inCode has advised major MNOs, MSOs, Private Equity firms, and vendors on network evolution strategies, capacity management solutions, and large-scale network transformations. Key focus areas include network and capacity modeling, deployment management, technology and spectrum strategy, and development of product and services roadmaps.

Model new and existing networks to optimize dimensioning and capacity, with a focus on spectrum and bandwidth allocation, architectures, and capacity growth.

Key Services

  • Cell site / Spectrum growth analysis
  • Cable plant capacity modeling
  • Financial models including cost / Benefit analysis
  • Spectrum auction / Allocation models

Plan, model, and program manage deployment of new network technologies with a focus on maximizing efficiency of capital, resource, and time

Key Services

  • Vendor / OEM and proof-of-concept / trial management
  • Implementation planning and program management

Development of long-term network strategy focused on identifying, evaluating, planning and modeling evolution to future technologies.

Examples of our expertise include:

  • Network, Spectrum Strategy
  • C-RAN
  • IMS

Key Services

  • Identification and impact evaluation of next generation technologies
  • Assessment of applicability, use cases, and potential for disruption
  • Scenario planning to answer “what if” and “if you believe” questions

Analyze and optimize product and service portfolio to match market trends and organizational objectives.

  • Big Data
  • Enterprise small cells/Wi-Fi
  • Cloud
  • RCS

Key Services

  • Portfolio competitive and gap analysis
  • Roadmap development
  • New product introduction, product management
  • Lifecycle management (including sunset)


Effective execution is the cornerstone of any successful transformation. Whether launching new network products and services or driving synergies in partnerships and integration, success hinges on professional program management rigor. At inCode, we provide flexible program management solutions through teams adept at balancing key technology and business objectives, managing timelines and dependencies, and realizing strategic goals through cross-functional coordination, management, and communications.

inCode has helped clients successfully plan, develop and execute both small, time-limited projects and larger multi-year strategic projects in critical areas including network evolution, decommissioning, and partnerships. As a thought-leader in TMT, inCode provides industry-customized processes, methods, and tools for project planning, governance, SLA/KPI development, reporting and multi-vendor management.

Assist clients tackle planning and execution of demanding project schedules which often involve multiple internal, external stakeholders.

Key Services

  • Detailed project planning and budgeting
  • Scheduling and dependency identification
  • Stakeholder analysis and management planning
  • RACI matrix development
  • Program risk analysis and mitigation governance planning

Development, tracking and reporting qualitative technology and business metrics enabling accountability, improvement, and appropriate communication between all parties.

Key Services

  • SLA/KPI development and tracking
  • Reporting
  • Stakeholder alignment

Execution of complex multi-vendor/multi-geography project management.

Key Services

  • RFI/RFP process and vendor evaluation
  • Contract reviews
  • SOW development
  • Dependency and risk identification

Complex coordination, planning, and documentation of a wide range of business partnerships, enabling regulatory compliance, customer service, network deployment and operational support.

Key Services

  • Stakeholder identification and documentation
  • Working Level Agreement formation and partner acceptance


Operational Excellence involves optimizing processes, technology, capital, and resources, to efficiently scale operations. Our capabilities include: resource planning and analyses, benchmarking, process re-engineering, and lifecycle management, enabling alignment of strategic goals and market trends to customer needs.

Analyze business cycles and optimize allocation of operating and capital resources.

Key Services

  • Measure operational efficiency
  • Develop supply and demand interlock models and conduct scenario analysis
  • Provide actionable recommendations and identify optimal resource allocation

Conduct competitive benchmarking against clients, peers, and competitors, assisting development and refinement of performance targets.

Key Services

  • Cost benchmarking
  • Process benchmarking
  • Organization benchmarking
  • KPI benchmarking
  • Process auditing

Assessment of process and gaps, recommending opportunities to redesign process to streamline organization structure improve operational efficiency.

Key Services

  • Process design
  • Organizational design
  • Change management
  • Cost reduction planning

Assess and revamp product lifecycle management (PLM) workflow from development to sunset, incorporating industry best practices.

Key Services

  • Developing workflow tools and processes
  • Identifying opportunities for product optimization
  • PLM tracking and metrics