Telecommunications & technology expertise

inCode Consulting is a respected business strategy and technology consulting firm with unique expertise within the telecommunications and technology space. We help business leaders address their industry trends and solve complex problems that could determine the success or failure of their organization. From Private Equity firms, to multi-billion dollar companies, these decision makers have trusted inCode’s unique approach to tackling unprecedented challenges that are shaking today’s business setting.

Strategy and transformation

The telecom ecosystem is evolving rapidly. As voice, video, and data services converge, traditional players adapt to converged operators and transform with webscale market players

Consolidation, regulatory rulings and the emergence of non-traditional players all point to a shifting landscape. From networks to infrastructure, applications to devices, and channels to segments, industry structure and economics are in constant flux, creating new growth opportunities as well as risks.

inCode has extensive experience helping companies navigate change within the communications ecosystem and define strategies to capitalize on emerging trends. Leveraging our deep industry expertise, we take a hypothesis-driven approach to evaluating our clients’ core competencies, ecosystem structure, economics, core and adjacent market segments, and competitive landscape in order to recommend innovative growth strategies.


Growth strategy

Develop growth strategies using a hypothesis driven approach to develop a client-specific set of profitable growth strategies focused on extracting value from core, adjacent and new segments.

Key services

  • Examine existing and potential new core capabilities to maximize competitive advantage
  • Assesses capabilities alignment with existing, new and adjacent target segments.
  • Profile the structure and economics of the value chain, ecosystem, and competition to identify where profits are being made, and competitive advantage can be realized
  • Develop strategies to effectively communicate strategy across all levels of the organization, including Board of Directors, executives, employees, customers, and investors

Go to market strategy

Develop full product introduction and go-to-market strategies, including identifying of key features/customer needs, sales channels, pricing and promotions

Key services

  • Primary and secondary customer research and analysis
  • Competitive and peer analysis and benchmarking
  • Identify, evaluate, model and develop recommended GTM channels (direct, indirect, and wholesale)
  • Development of pricing, promotional, and marketing strategies

M&A due diligence

Assist development and execution of inorganic growth strategies, from gap analysis and target identification, through due diligence and post-merger integration

Key services

  • Gap analysis to identify required capabilities and target evaluation criteria
  • Market scan to identify and short-list targets
  • Target evaluation and valuation
  • Due diligence (technology, operations, people, financial)
  • Post-merger integration (people, process, tools, product)