Telecommunications & technology expertise

inCode Consulting is a respected business strategy and technology consulting firm with unique expertise within the telecommunications and technology space. We help business leaders address their industry trends and solve complex problems that could determine the success or failure of their organization. From Private Equity firms, to multi-billion dollar companies, these decision makers have trusted inCode’s unique approach to tackling unprecedented challenges that are shaking today’s business setting.

Technology advisory

Wireless and wireline operators are under pressure to evolve their networks to support exponential growth in data volumes and connections, drive monetization, and respond to industry innovations and disruptive business models, all while improving profitability. Operators must explore new avenues to manage growth and provide compelling services in a cost-effective manner.

inCode has advised major MNOs, MSOs, Private Equity firms, and vendors on network evolution strategies, capacity management solutions, and large-scale network transformations. Key focus areas include network and capacity modeling, deployment management, technology and spectrum strategy, and development of product and services roadmaps


Network and capacity modeling

Model new and existing networks to optimize dimensioning and capacity, with a focus on spectrum and bandwidth allocation, architectures, and capacity growth.

Key services

  • Cell site and spectrum growth analysis
  • Outside plant capacity modeling
  • Cost-benefit financial analysis model
  • Auction support including war room round strategy

Deployment management

Plan, model, and program manage deployment of new network technologies with a focus on maximizing efficiency of capital, resource, and time.

Key services

  • Vendor / OEM and proof-of-concept / trial management
  • Implementation planning and program management

Technology & spectrum strategy

Development of long-term network strategy focused on identifying, evaluating, planning and modeling evolution to future technologies.

Key services

  • Identification and impact evaluation of next generation technologies
  • Assessment of applicability, use cases, and potential for disruption
  • Scenario planning to answer “what if” and “if you believe” question

New product & service feature roadmap

Analyze and optimize product and service portfolio to match market trends and organizational objectives

Key services

  • Portfolio competitive and gap analysis
  • Roadmap development
  • New product introduction, product management
  • Lifecycle management (including sunset)