Careers at inCode

Our consulting model, which values intellectual rigor, unparalleled client delivery, and personal career development, provides a stimulating and rewarding environment for college graduates, advanced degree holders, and tenured industry executives. The firm’s relatively small size affords employees of all levels the ability to own their work and make a real difference.

Life at inCode

Life at inCode is stimulating and rewarding. The nature of our work is centered on team collaboration and independent thinking. Because each inCode consultant is intelligent and ambitious, every team interaction creates an opportunity to provoke new ideas and challenge conventional thinking. This is the environment we thrive in, and this is the environment we rely on to deliver unparalleled results to our clients.

What we do

inCode consultants tackle the business needs of our clients head-on to create sophisticated and sustainable solutions. We pride ourselves on thorough analyses and leveraging strategic thinking to build on our own findings, creating innovative business and technology strategies that positively impact our clients’ core business models.

inCode’s mission goes beyond solving business problems. Our mission is to help our clients set new standards of excellence within the Telecommunications and Technology industry, which requires continuously reviewing their performance while critiquing our own.

Our diverse areas of focus include:

  • Strategy Development – strategic planning, risk assessment, and merger planning and integration.
  • Financial Analysis – business case and pro forma financial development.
  • Market Analysis – market research, market trial and launch planning, segmentation approaches, and channel strategies.
  • Business Formation and Launch – growth strategies and product and service planning and development.
  • Strategic Sourcing – procurement, RFP, and vendor management strategies.
Global experience

A key element of inCode’s growth is our strong commitment to the global marketplace. We provide exceptional consulting services to reputable companies in many countries, and our international opportunities and pursuits are incessantly growing.


Working at inCode is an opportunity to gain rich project and industry experience; however, as with all consulting, it presents a very demanding work environment with high expectations. inCode strives to foster strong mentoring relationships to help consultants at all levels succeed in our fast-paced, challenging, and ultimately rewarding workplace. From the moment you join our team, regardless of your role, we will pair you with a tenured consultant to provide the support you need to successfully transition into life at inCode. Your new mentor will be a deeply experienced individual who fully understands your new role, the nature of our work, our strong client relationships, and how to ensure that you have the right tools necessary to reach your full potential.

Mentorship is an opportunity to ask questions about the job, gain insight from your mentor’s experiences, and develop a perspective on the best way to move forward and help your career grow. The relationship between mentor and mentee is not a one-way exchange: you are encouraged to voice your concerns and expectations at any time. Employees are inCode’s greatest resource. We strive to build a satisfying and nurturing work environment where everyone is given the tools to reach their full potential.

Life outside of work

Work-life balance is a key issue for everyone in the consulting industry, and inCode strives to help all of its employees strike a healthy balance between the two. We factor in personal preferences when staffing projects that require travel and do our best to make your “home away from home” as hospitable as possible. For example, the inCode Decathlon is an annual competition to give our consultants an opportunity to show off their competitive spirit outside of work. inCoders compete across ten athletic and non-athletic events, including the 100M dash, basketball free throws, PacMan and online IQ tests. The winning team gets the official inCode Cup and bragging rights for an entire year!

Career path at inCode

inCode is rapidly growing to meet the high demand for our expertise. Since highly talented and experienced people form the core of our value to clients, we focus our efforts on building the best possible team. We intend to continue expanding our success by hiring talented individuals into roles that best suit their skill sets, previous work experience, levels of formal education and career aspirations. When we make hiring decisions, we will place you in the role that is the best starting platform for your career at inCode. However, these roles are not set in stone; ultimately, we want to help you grow into a role that will maximize your and inCode’s success.


A native of San Antonio, TX, I graduated from Duke with a degree in Public Policy and went straight to UVa’s McIntire School of Commerce for a masters concentrating in marketing and management. I then joyously joined inCode in the fall of 2015 as an Analyst Consultant. Over the last year I have been on the teams for 7 projects and worked on countless BD decks. The projects have been incredibly diverse and exciting, providing opportunities to dive deeply into new sectors of the telecom world, create models, analyze extensive research, build slides, be part of the presenting team on readout day, and propose follow-on projects. Within all of this is my favorite part of inCode. Our team mentality brings everyone together: we are all here willing to pitch in and help each other, in whatever form that takes for the project. I know I can always contact an inCoder for advice or industry expertise on whatever I am working on. I am incredibly proud to be part of the inCode family and am looking forward to what the next year brings.

Annie Helbling
Consulting Analyst, Washington DC
B.A. Public Policy, Duke University

Associate consultant

Having spent the past two years at inCode I can honestly say my personal career has advanced by leaps and bounds. As an Associate, I have had seemingly limitless opportunities to further my skills, from financial modeling to building and presenting polished slides to executive level clients.

I came to inCode to learn from the best and brightest in the TMT industries and I have yet to be disappointed. I have served on several high visibility projects, ranging from a large FTTH Gigabit deployment to arranging integration process flows for telecommunication companies involved in headline-grabbing mergers and acquisitions. I take pride in knowing my work has enabled millions of people nationwide to stay connected.

All in all, inCode has provided a challenging and supportive work environment. I have learned an immense amount from the relationships I have built, both with clients and fellow inCoders. Perhaps what sets inCode apart for me, personally, is that they entrust employees of all levels with significant responsibility. By the end of the first day on my first project, I was responsible for leading a readout to the client VP on my initial thoughts.

Andrew Fitscher
Associate Consultant, Atlanta GA B.B.A., Finance and Information Systems & Operations Management
Goizueta Business School – Emory University


It’s all about the people. I started with inCode in 2009, and despite my expectation of following the “two year plan” I’m still with the company six years later. Working with my fellow inCoders is a pleasure, and enjoying work (almost) every day is an amazing opportunity.

At inCode, we look out for each other. My fellow employees have supported my growth – not just in my career, but in my life. When I decided to train on the US National Rowing Team, inCode worked with me to find a way to continue to grow my career and manage a full-time training schedule. That sort of commitment to employees is not something that most firms can boast. Every single person is given attention and responsibility from the beginning.

In my first year as an analyst I worked directly with our CEO and met executives from Fortune 100 companies. Within three years, I was being entrusted to manage and deliver projects to these same clients. What better way to grow than to work directly with the Pros? inCode brings together the dynamic, fast-paced lifestyle of a business strategy consultant, with the benefits of close-knit firm. I can’t think of a better place to grow my career.

Nicole Dinion
Consultant, Plano TX
B.S. Physics, Distinguished Major B.A. English
University of Virginia

Senior consultant

I joined inCode in August 2015 having graduated from Darden School of Business earlier that summer.

While inCode focuses on the TMT space, I have enjoyed exposure to a variety of topics – spanning small cells, proximity services, fiber network, 5G, network evolution, and web conferencing. All projects have been great learning experiences not only placing me at the front end of cutting edge technologies, but also pushing me to think in a structured manner, craft creative stories, and walk senior executives through my logic.

People at inCode are genuinely down to earth, fun yet incredibly sharp and intelligent. “Work hard, party harder” is not simply a tag line but a mantra people exercise regularly (recalling bowling nights, Sudoku sessions, creating memes – having wrapped up work, of course!). I have witnessed first-hand each team member come in with a different skill set, with expertise on different subjects – which when combined produces something truly valuable and actionable to the client. I am constantly encouraged to ask questions and debate independent of designation, which sheds light on the company’s flat structure.

I can safely say inCode, with its pool of smart, energetic consultants and focus on arguably the most dynamic sector, makes for a fantastic career opportunity!

Sumat Mittal
Senior Consultant, Toronto Canada
MBA, Darden School of Business
BE (Electronics & Communication), Delhi College of Engineering


I am an Engagement Manager at inCode Consulting, where I started after completing my MBA at the Darden School of Business at UVa. Prior to business school, I worked in a variety of roles in pre-sales and IT consulting within IBM’s Global Business Services division. At inCode I lead projects with normally 3-4 staff each and currently focus on one of two areas, both of which are equally fascinating and challenging. The first is supporting investor groups with the operational due diligence & post-merger integration of network infrastructure related assets like metro & long-haul fiber companies. The second is working with technology companies in the promising area of the Internet of Things, as they try to navigate the new wave of enterprise IoT applications. The thing that I love about inCode and what motivates me to come to work every day is the industry that we work in. The Telecom, Media and Technology industry is disrupted on an almost daily basis by new innovation or discovery and the task of helping our clients navigate those waters is experience I could get nowhere else.

Kartik Krishnan
Consulting Manager, Atlanta GA
M.B.A, University of Virginia Darden School of Business


I’ve been at inCode for a little more than five years, and it has been a phenomenal experience. During my tenure, I’ve worked on project engagements helping senior client executives tackle a variety of issues at the heart of TMT. How should our client think about the largest issues of the day? What are the impacts of new technologies, players and regulatory issues and how will they impact our client over the next one, three and five years?

As a Principal, I get excited about leading teams of passionate, highly energetic colleagues to work through these and many other challenges. The combination of fantastic teammates and constantly evolving ecosystem dynamics makes inCode not only a fun place to work, but also a great place to learn and grow.

Vijay Natarajan
Principal, Boston MA
M.B.A, Kellogg School of Management
B.A., University of Chicago

Application process

inCode’s consultants come from a multitude of diverse backgrounds. While your education and formal background are important, we welcome all individuals who have exceptional analytical ability and a commitment to client success. At inCode, we value intelligence, creativity, communication, leadership, and teamwork.

inCode’s candidate selection process involves a combination of behavioral and case interviews. While the process can be challenging, we seek to make it an enjoyable learning experience.

Case interview: 

The case interview is an example of a real business problem of the kind our consultants solve every day. To ensure a fit, our interviewers prepare interviews based on real cases to see how you would handle the situation. These cases generally involve qualitative and quantitative questions as well as real-world business dilemmas. We are not testing your knowledge of the subject matter or looking for a ‘perfect’ answer; instead, we are interested in your ability to come up with an approach and structure to solving the problem. The case interview is intended to test your creativity, critical thinking, and quantitative skills.

Behavioral / experience interview: 

The behavioral and experience interviews include traditional questions about your resume, a mini-case, and behavioral questions to understand your past experience. These interviews help us gauge your potential fit at inCode. During the behavioral section, you will be asked to describe your actions in past experiences that relate to essential consulting skills.