Top 10 Predictions
2018 Top Ten Predictions

Every year since 2003, inCode has issued a Top 10 Predictions report focusing on key trends in the Telecom, Media and Technology sector. In the sixteen years since, these predictions have achieved over 70% accuracy, illustrating the deep industry knowledge and technological expertise of inCode consultants.

Beginning in the fall, inCode employees of all levels submit predictions for the following year. Next, leaders of inCode’s practices deliberate over the submissions and select those that, in addition to a high likelihood of occurrence, have the most potential to shape the industry in the future. Finally, senior leadership votes on the most promising and important predictions, compiling a final Top 10.

While inCode’s Top 10 Predictions tend to focus on North America, their implications are global. Countless inCode predictions have gone on to reach critical operational mass during the following year. As a proven source of thought leadership in the Telecom, Media and Technology sector, inCode’s Top 10 Predictions are a sought-after resource for executives, journalists, and investors interested in the future of the telecommunications industry.